The State of Business Continuity 2021

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This report presents a synopsis of the most recent industry findings, challenges, and trends, along with the results of our client surveys, interviews, and other market research highlights.


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A. Recent industry findings, challenges, and trends.

• The top challenge in responding to COVID-19 is supporting the health and safety of employees.

• The second most common challenge is maintaining employee productivity and morale, which proves some companies are struggling with adapting to a work-from-home strategy.

• To become resilient in the face of any threat, organizations must operationalize before, during, and after a business interruption.

B. The results of our client surveys, interviews, and other market research highlights.

• Loss of productivity and low morale are the leading impacts of disruption.

• Record-breaking customer activity and high demand for emergency backup power, and deployment of backup workspace facilities.

C. Key aspects of mature continuity of operations.

• Protect, build, define, become resilient

D. Forward-looking priorities for business continuity management.

• In the longer term, the impact of the recent pandemic may present an opportunity to think about how effectively you communicate with your teams, the security and sustainability of your remote operations, and sharpen your enterprise focus on health and wellbeing.

Current Challenges and Industry Findings

Industry Findings Preview

Business resilience is becoming a higher priority for boards and senior management.

An escalating complexity of cyberattacks, intricacy in processes and IT, reliance on third parties, data management— all these factors increase the chances for interruptions, making their impact more drastic.

Covid-19 has shown us that our greatest risk involves the health, safety, and security of our people. That’s not to say that the other risks are unimportant, but rather that our plans must encompass the ability to deal with multiple risks simultaneously, with a primary focus always being on the safety and wellbeing of our people.

Barbara Webster, Executive Vice President, GoCrisis

Achieving business continuity maturity presents its challenges: the volume of processes involved, the peculiarity of each business, organizational buy-in. However, the business benefits go beyond managing risk and complying with regulations, contributing to a company's unique value proposition, employee retention, and future success.