The State of Business Continuity 2022

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This report presents the most recent business continuity industry findings, challenges, and trends, along with the results of our client surveys, interviews, and other market research highlights.

In our second annual State of Business Continuity Report, we discuss some of the trends and observations we noted in 2021:

  • New internal structures around crisis management and business continuity
  • An increased focus on risk management, regulation, and compliance
  • The evolution of remote work into work-from-anywhere scenarios
  • Supply chain resilience
  • The ongoing effects of climate change risk and major weather events

Beyond 2021’s trends, we share industry findings to help you benchmark your organization. These findings, categorized as planning, plan refinement, exercising, and threats, come from industry publications and our own client surveys and research.

The report also dives into the components of operational resilience and looks at what we see as priorities for business continuity management in 2022. These include resilience as a profession being more widely understood and appreciated by senior management and the rising importance of exercising due to simultaneous disruptions.