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Winter Weather Tabletop Exercise

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Download our Winter Weather Tabletop Exercise to plan, prepare, and test your emergency preparedness plan.


Implement this in the emergency response planning, where the stakes are high, and even the most thorough plan can begin to fall apart. The best way to eliminate the human factor is to test your plans during tabletop exercises.

When another blizzard takes over the headlines, most people are worried about cold temperatures. Business continuity pros, however, stay focused on the potential impact of severe winter on business operations and how it can disrupt business continuity of their organizations and affect workforce safety. In 2018 alone, natural disasters caused $160 billion in damage, and the number is projected to climb by the end of 2019.

Extreme weather conditions such as extended cold temperatures and frequent and intense winter storms can easily disrupt any business operations, and without a proper plan, an organization can endure a lot of damages.

As the risks for business interruption during winter months significantly increase, so does the possibility for mistakes: making it mandatory for employees to commute to work in unsafe conditions or being unable to communicate with your workforce promptly. It’s impossible to control the weather, but you can lighten its impact through proper preparation and communication before, during, and after severe winter weather hits your region. Consider the following three common winter weather mistakes.

The tabletop exercises with Agility are always a valued service. By providing fresh insights and opportunities for improvement, Agility has helped us grow and improve our BC Program immensely.

Robert Behling, IT Systems Administrator, First FarmBank

Download our Winter Weather Tabletop Exercise to test your emergency preparedness plan.