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Before critical events occur, easily develop and manage your entire emergency preparedness and business continuity programs from any device, anywhere in the world, to ensure your organization is prepared and ready to communicate. When critical events happen, protect your workforce with quick and efficient bi-directional messaging and incident management.



All-in-One Administration

Preparis has integrated everything you need into one comprehensive solution including mass emergency notification and messaging, incident management, online training, expert guidance, document storage, and executive reporting / dashboards.

Significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to administer these initiatives, so you can focus on your core business.

Full-function, native mobile application available for iOS and Android devices, for employees who are on-the-go.


Bi-Directional Emergency Messaging

Mitigate risk, eliminate business impacts, and make sure your workforce is safe when critical incidents happen.

  • Send two-way emergency messages featuring voice, SMS text, email, push and desktop notifications
  • Filter and update workforce response to messages
  • Initiate one-click proactive conference calls with team members
  • Create call-in announcements, so employees can receive critical updates
  • Pin saved message templates to your dashboard for easy access
  • Subscribe to and publish automated FEMA alerts with seamless integration to IPAWS

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Expert Content & Online Training

Ongoing guidance and threat-specific resources to keep your organization informed and prepared.

An interactive online knowledge center for training and certifying crisis teams on vital emergency response protocols. With a library of tabletop exercises, teams can practice response and recovery efforts across your organization.

Cloud-Based Document Sharing

Unlike binder-based emergency plans that sit on your shelf or reside in a file cabinet gathering dust, Preparis’ cloud-based document sharing enables you to ensure safe, reliable document access, even if your building or servers are unavailable.

Your organization can upload and access critical documents from any tablet, smartphone, or computer instantly.

Filter which roles, groups, or locations have access rights to specific content.

Executive Dashboard & Seamless Integration

Visibility and insight providing quick and easy access to incident management performance in real-time.

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory or any Human Resource (HR) / payment system to ensure that your data is automatically updated and user information is current.

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