//The New Weather Pattern: A Look Back at Hurricane Dorian

The New Weather Pattern: A Look Back at Hurricane Dorian

The below is an open letter from our chief executive officer, Jon Bahl, regarding Hurricane Dorian.

Agility Recovery Business Continuity Newsletter, Business ContinuedFrequent and unpredictable seems to be the new normal when we read the headlines covering weather updates. With 30 years of experience helping businesses get back to continuous operations, we have seen a marked increase in both the frequency and strength of hurricanes like Dorian in more recent years.

Hurricane Dorian was challenging to predict and illustrated the potential for destruction that can happen with any natural disaster or business disruption. While hundreds of our customers went on alert, fortunately, the number of actual disaster declarations for Dorian was more isolated. We are continuing to help those organizations deal with the aftermath as they return to normal operations, especially for our customers with Bahamian operations.

I’m sharing a few summary points of what we observed with this storm, which may help with your future continuity planning:

  • More than 600 customers, representing several thousand locations, were in the path of Dorian. Nearly 40% of those customers put Agility on alert in case they needed specific recovery services during the height of the storm.

  • We’ve observed an increase within our customer base, where more organizations go into alert status, so they are well prepared in case the storm takes a turn for the worse. As always, there is no fee to go into alert status as a precautionary measure.

  • Organizations used our bi-directional messaging app Preparis 4 times more to communicate with their constituents during a storm.

  • Several major cruise lines, airlines, ecommerce companies and other enterprise organizations enlisted our recovery services to help keep their continuity of operations. For example, a major airline brand moved their Florida-based team to Atlanta, Georgia, using our recovery services to help ensure continuity of operations.

  • Organizations who went on alert and made declarations were forced to make last-minute decisions. We heard feedback that customers genuinely appreciated the flexibility of Agility’s solutions and our ability to adapt to the changing needs of their situation.

As an example, we had a large healthcare customer whose documented recovery plan was to move their entire Florida-based team to a fixed company location in South Carolina. When Dorian changed its path, the continuity leaders thought on their feet, enlisting Agility to bring in a mobile operation to an inland location in Marietta, Georgia, out of the hurricane’s path. With less than 24-hour notice, we were able to get their entire team up and operational overnight and ready for their 8 am workday.

Since Dorian was announced, the Agility team has helped organizations remain operational during the most vulnerable times. It is times like this that remind us of our charter—to help businesses before, during, and after an incident. Whether it is a physical or technology recovery, or bi-directional messaging to help manage incidents, we understand the magnitude of our responsibility and commitment to our customers.

While the storm has passed, and left Eastern shore businesses relatively unscathed, we’ve found many organizations are using this near-miss as an exercise to make sure they are well prepared and adequately covered for future disruptions. The entire team at Agility Recovery is committed to supporting your organization through challenging times and being adequately prepared for whatever disruption may come your way. This may be the right time to review your Business Continuity Plan to make sure you are well-prepared for any future incidents. Our team of experts is available at 866-364-9696 or email contactus@agilityrecovery.com as needed.

We appreciate the opportunity to help protect your business and take pride in serving you every day, and especially in your greatest time of need.

Jon Bahl


Jon Bahl
Chief Executive Officer, Agility Recovery

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