//The Spookiest Business Interruption Ever

The Spookiest Business Interruption Ever


Spooky Bank

Definitely, Absolutely Cursed

From a rat infestation in the ceiling to an arsonist angry with the tenant upstairs, the list of causes of business interruptions seems to be endless.

One of the oddest calls we’ve received this year was particularly haunting, and maybe even supernatural. In honor of the spookiest holiday of the year, here’s the story of the bank branch that may or may not have been definitely, absolutely cursed.

13 is a Bad Sign

Our story begins on an otherwise normal spring morning at a small town bank in California.

Deposits, withdrawals, loan applications, and rolls of quarters – a very average morning for Tammy, one of the lead tellers at the bank. Soon, however, she begin to feel nauseous and a constant feeling like she may cough. Thinking she caught a virus, Tammy went home for the day.

However, something strange happened. When Tammy got home, she noticed the symptoms were getting better, not worse. She came back the next day refreshed…but after an hour or so the uneasiness and strange urge to cough returned.

Other tellers began to complain of mysterious cold drafts and distant indiscernible noises. Soon three more employees felt the same nauseous feeling. 4, 6, 11…13 employees all with the same complaints.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Agility Recovery

Leadership suspected the building was causing these symptoms – a possible case of sick building syndrome. Fearing further illness, they closed the bank for the day and sent everyone home.

That’s when they called us. They put us on alert for their mobile recovery unit so they could continue their operations no matter the state of their building.

The problem? Building inspectors found nothing wrong with the facilities – no mold, leaky air conditioners, or problems with air quality.

Out, Out Damn Spot

A particularly eccentric employee, Laura, said she believed she could solve the issue because it was not a problem with the building but rather it’s otherworldly inhabitants.

With no other theories, leaders agreed to the supernatural plan of attack.

Laura bravely entered the bank alone with a Mary Poppins bag of incantations and sage. No one knows exactly what happened in that building that day, but 30 minutes later Laura emerged unharmed and said she had resolved the spirits issues and that they had peacefully agreed to vanish from the building.

The bank had already been closed for two days. They couldn’t afford more downtime so leaders were skeptical but hopeful. Everyone reentered the branch the next day for work.  Even the biggest cynics couldn’t argue that the drafts, noises and unsettling urge to cough were now gone.

They called us and stood down the alert in a bit of disbelief.

Luckily and fortunately, the bank was cleared of its spooky guests. The only question left was: Where would they go to next?

**This tale is inspired by true events but modified heavily for a bit of Halloween fun. Names have been made up to protect those involved.

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