Webinar: Make Your Business Continuity Plan Tangible with Testing

Here is the Webinar
A robust business continuity program needs to mirror the changes to your business, not become a stale document sitting on someone’s computer.

Building a solid written plan is the first step, as the next step it’s important to test your plan so you know your company is prepared for a real-world disaster or business interruption. Testing allows you and your workforce to practice your approach to a business interruption and find gaps in the plan where it needs improvement. Get off to a great start in 2020, with a solid testing process to refresh your plan, gain internal buy-in, and be prepared for any type of interruption. 

Lack of routine testing is among the top challenges faced by business continuity professionals. Best practice recommendations suggest that companies should test their plan at least annually, to ensure optimal execution during a business interruption. Key topics include:

  • Using testing to proactively prepare for real world recovery needs.
  • Lessons learned from real world testing: how to weave the findings into your planning process. 
  • Tips for using your test findings to prove business value while gaining credibility and buy-in throughout your organization.