//Achieving Business Continuity Resilience in 2020

Achieving Business Continuity Resilience in 2020

In an ever-changing environment, traditional “check the box” or reactive approaches that focus solely on recovery make organizations much slower to adapt, respond, and improve processes.

Conventional business continuity has historically been focused on averting physical disruption, been produced and tested in organizational silos, and is viewed by many organizations as a part of a compliance exercise. Even though achieving business resilience presents its challenges, the benefits go beyond risk management and compliance with regulations, contributing to a company’s unique value proposition.

We’ll be discussing some of the best practices for maintaining business continuity resilience and hear our guests share their real-life business continuity experiences.

Key topics include:

  • Obtaining buy-in from senior management
  • Getting started with a strategy and building blocks for a successful framework
  • Activities to drive continuous improvement
  • Maintaining resiliency

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