Plan and deploy a modern recovery strategy with the next era of Agility solutions.

The new era of business continuity requires keeping a critical work-from-anywhere workforce productive.

At home. At the office. On the go. Agility’s new mobile productivity pack and one central console view ensure preparedness that’s simple, secure, and adaptable. 

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See how ReadyTechGo helps your workforce stay productive when power and internet are difficult to find.

New capabilities to plan and power anytime, anywhere preparedness.

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Built-in charging with high-capacity battery backup, providing up to 40 hours of usage with network access. Each device comes with a car charger.

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Cellular Connectivity

Preferred carrier capability and unlimited cellular access to create a secure and stable internet connection without fear of bandwidth being throttled due to usage.


One-Touch Wi-Fi Setup

Isolated internet connectivity in the event of a disaster.

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24/7/365 Support

Live, on-demand support anytime, anywhere.

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A lightweight, rugged, water-resistant, temperature-tolerant (-4° to 158°F) mobile pack.

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Flexible Shipping

ReadyTechGo can be kept at your location or shipped to you when you need it.

Work From Anywhere

ReadyTechGo is a compact and portable way to stay online and powered up wherever you need.

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Keep Critical Workers Productive

In times of need, everything your team needs to keep productive is delivered via a one-of-a-kind service, backed by 30+ years of recovery experience.

The workplace has evolved. The need for preparedness hasn’t.

Extend the reach of your business continuity planning and execution. Get started right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReadyTechGo?

ReadyTechGo is a simple, secure solution that allows critical workers complete mobility while remaining productive without increasing their cyber vulnerability. 

Why do I need ReadyTechGo?

Business continuity today requires keeping a critical work-from-anywhere workforce productive. But what happens when the home office loses power, or a storm like Hurricane Ida forces your offices to close? ReadyTechGo keeps your team up and running so they don’t miss a beat and so your organization doesn’t experience interruptions to service or business as usual. 

Sign up for our webinar, Addressing the Pitfalls of Working from Home, for more information.  

How much training will our team need to use ReadyTechGo?

None! ReadyTechGo is intended to be “plug and play.” Your team will be connected, powered up, and ready to work in no time. 

How quickly can we receive our ReadyTechGo pack(s)?

Quickship: 24 hours

On-hand devices: within 30 days of contract signed 

What is the average run time and charge time?

Charge time: 5 hours 


  • Wi-Fi + LTE: 40+ hours 

  • Wi-Fi + LTE + Cell Phone Charger: 35+ hours 

  • Wi-Fi + LTE + Laptop Charger: 16+ hours 

What is the data usage allowance for each case?

Each case receives 1GB/month, but you have the option to access as much data as you need with an unlimited plan.

Can I travel with the ReadyTechGo pack?

By road or train, yes, but due to the lithium-ion battery, ReadyTechGo is not permitted on airplanes (checked or carry-on).