Everything You Need to Comply with The Joint Commission® and CMS Emergency Management Requirements

With over 30 years of experience in emergency management and continuity of operations planning (COOP), Agility helps healthcare organizations plan, prepare, test, and recover from any business disruption. We provide the tools you need to create an emergency management plan and verifiably test it to comply with The Joint Commission® and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Stay Joint Commission® and CMS compliant with Agility tools.  

Agility Makes Healthcare Organizations Resilient

Restore Critical Services

Agility manages critical services that must be restored as soon as possible. 

Assess Third-Party Provider Preparation

Agility assesses your third-party providers’ resilience. 

Continuity of Operations

Agility provides mass messaging services to connect your response teams and providers until services return to normal. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a spreadsheet that documents my plans, why do I need a turn-key system to achieve the same?

A spreadsheet can be cumbersome to update and review and leaves little room for automation and implementation. With Agility software, you will be prompted to review, update, and test your plans per regulatory requirements. Our sync tools manage electronic lists of personnel, departments, resources, locations, critical services, and third-party providers to keep your information current. Finally, Agility Planner quickly disseminates plans to large teams and fosters greater collaboration. 

I have already written my plan. Do I need to redo it?

Writing your plan is a critical first step, and Agility can import your existing plans and electronically categorize each section. Nevertheless, plans change. Agility systematically tracks plan changes and provides greater transparency. 

What else do I get with Agility software?

Agility software enables you to systematically review, update, and test your plans on a set schedule. Advanced features also empower you to stage and validate plan changes before they go into effect, enabling oversight through change management. These features streamline your audits and future accreditation efforts.