Power & Fuel Resources

Power & Generator Checklist

Statistics show nearly 70% of businesses will lose power sometime in the next 12 months. Whether it’s a large, weather-related outage, or an isolated outage due to equipment failure, will your organization be prepared?

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How to Prepare Your Business for Power Outage Impacts (Article)

Whether it’s hurricane season or winter storms, power outages can occur at any time. The impact on businesses is not measured in hours or days but in financial losses.

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Power Recovery & Emergency Fuel Solutions

Agility ReadyPower+ is a comprehensive power backup solution that provides everything ready requires—including the fastest possible response time when the unexpected arrives.

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Remote & Hybrid Employee Resources

Power & Connectivity

ReadyTechGo is a compact and portable way to stay online and powered up wherever you need.

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ReadyTechGo Instructions

View this instructional document outlining how to set up and use our unique ReadyTechGo unit for remote workers.

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ReadyTechGo Best Practices

Optimizing the battery life of technology like ReadyTechGo allows you to have access to the tools and equipment to keep operations running in any situation.

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Hurricane Resources

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

This checklist provides some relevant terminology, along with steps to take before, during, and after a hurricane.

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Hurricane Tabletop Exercise

Implement this in the emergency response planning, where the stakes are high, and even the most thorough plan can begin to fall apart. The best way to eliminate the human factor is to test your plans during tabletop exercises.

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In this article, we will explore the predictions for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season by region, understand the impact of hurricanes on businesses, develop a plan for disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, implement effective response and recovery systems, and use technology to facilitate disaster management and mitigation.

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Hurricane Power Recovery Success Story

After rarely having to use emergency backup generators, this oil and gas company – one of the largest in the U.S. – saw the largest disaster hit their refineries in decades. Hurricane Ida severely impacted two refineries on the Louisiana coast, knocking out power and limiting network communications. The refineries were directly supplying fuel and providing transportation efforts throughout the region including to local law enforcement, fire, and EMS. It was vital they remained online and operational.

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Flood Resources

flood damaged flooring and carpet

Flood Preparedness Checklist

Most businesses can save between 20% and 90% on the cost of stock and movable equipment by taking action to prepare in advance. These steps will help mitigate your organization’s risk and protect your assets, revenue, and most importantly, your people.

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Flood Recovery Success Story

ASI Credit Union has been a community staple in Louisiana since 1961. Their services are essential to their customers' daily lives, and any disruption to their business continuity can create a ripple effect that extends far beyond their own neighborhood. Although their office is in an area affected by hurricanes, their experience with a business interruption is one that can happen in any office, in any part of the country. 

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Tornado Resources

Tornado Preparedness Checklist

A tornado is one of the most destructive and powerful types of storms imaginable. Unlike a hurricane or tropical storm, a tornado may develop almost without warning, appearing within minutes and leaving little time to react. Winds can exceed 200 mph and cause cataclysmic damage. The importance of disaster preparedness simply cannot be overstated. This checklist will assist you in making sure you have everything in place.

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Rural Tornado Recovery Success Story

A record number of tornados wreaked havoc across the Southeastern U.S. in April of 2011. Alabama was ground-zero for much of the destruction and experienced severe damage across the state. Residential areas were flattened, and buildings were destroyed, effectively wiping out entire companies. The businesses and homes left behind had no access to basic services such as water, power, Internet, or working communications. Over 250 people lost their lives in the storm, and others were at serious risk due to damaged infrastructure and no access to medical care. As a distributor of compound pharmaceuticals to areas hit by the storm, the Harvard Drug Group needed to ensure that residents who relied on them for prescriptions would be treated. 

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Tornado Workspace Recovery Success Story

On Friday, March 2, 2012, a major tornado outbreak hit the Tennessee Valley, Ohio Valley, and parts of the South, causing widespread power outages, destroyed buildings, and 39 deaths. KBA member Commercial Bank closed their bank early as a precaution, with two employees staying in the building. With just four minutes' notice, the storm switched direction and headed for the bank; the two employees huddled in the back corridor to wait out the storm.

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Wildfire Resources

california fires

Wildfire Preparedness Checklist

Wildfires can be very damaging and dangerous to your organization and employees. This includes possible damage to your facility and personal property issues your employees might experience.

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How to Stay Safe When a Wildfire Threatens [Infographic]

Our infographic How to Stay Safe When a Wildfire Threatens highlights interesting wildfire statistics and steps businesses need to take before, during, and after a wildfire. Download the full infographic at the link below.

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Predictions & Preparation for the 2023 Wildfire Season

The 2023 wildfire season is expected to be one of the most challenging yet. With an increase in temperatures, more dry fuel sources, and a greater likelihood of lightning strikes, the risk of wildfires is higher than ever before.

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Agility Member Resources

Agility Recovery logo in front of someone using a laptop

Declaring With Agility (Instructions)

As an Agility member, we want you to know how easy it is to alert us about a potential disruption, and/or declare after an interruption. 

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Alert & Declare Hotline

If you need to initiate an Alert or Declare situation, please call us at 1-877-364-9393

Other Solutions

Bank teller inside mobile bank unit

Data Backup & Recovery

Whether local, hybrid or virtual environments, get back online within 15 minutes.

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Workspace Recovery

If your workspace is compromised, choose from flexible recovery options to match your needs.

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Satellite & LTE Connectivity

After an interruption, we’ll integrate with your existing network infrastructure to ensure you and your team can seamlessly access your phones, data, and critical applications.

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Technology Equipment

We rely on technology more than ever before but when it fails, your organization can’t. To protect your business, we’ll ship you the equipment you need to resume operations.

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