Agility's Recovery Plan in Action

Success Story

One of our top services at Agility Recovery is our workspace recovery, including office space. Traditionally, many companies think of workspace recovery as being necessary only in case of a disaster. But in many cases, it's also a solution for bringing remote employees together in one central hub. In the absence of our traditional office space, Agility activated our own workspace recovery plan to host our annual meeting.

The Challenge

Agility kickoff 2024

After an office transition, Agility was set to host our annual meeting to bring all employees together to set goals for 2024, review 2023's successes, recognize top performers, and spend time in person. This posed a challenge, however, as the majority of employees now work remotely and Agility doesn't have its own office space.

The Solution

Temporary office space in Denver

We didn't let a lack of office space get in the way of bringing our whole team together. Instead, we activated our own workspace recovery plan to host our annual meeting in one of our many nationwide office spaces in Denver, Colorado.

Like most of our office spaces, we selected one that included training areas for large groups, breakout spaces for concentrated teams, and on-site technology and communications equipment - all in a convenient location with parking, a secured entrance, and surrounding amenities like bocce ball. Though a rental space, it offered all the accommodations of a traditional office with a range of customizable spaces to facilitate meetings, day-to-day work, trainings, and more, without wasting time trying to coordinate details.

Exercising our workspace recovery plan was a great experience - and it couldn't have been easier! All we had to do was show up and everything we needed to be productive was right there waiting for us.

Candice Leary Humphrey, Agility Recovery


Agility team plays bocce ball

Agility's team came together to plan for the year ahead and celebrate our successes. Thanks to the wide-ranging amenities and convenience of the space, we didn't miss a beat, and employees enjoyed planning in person in our temporary office space instead of virtually. We also made time for fun and, of course, bocce ball and sharing meals. 

Reach out to us today to learn how your organization can foster employee engagement and host its own meetings, even in the absence of your own office space.

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