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Become more resilient with our
Pandemic Preparedness Package

Become more resilient with our
Pandemic Preparedness Package

Pandemics and natural disasters happen. Whether it’s H1N1, Sars, West Nile, Hurricanes Katrina, Irene, or Sandy, or even pandemics such as COVID-19 (coronavirus), organizations must be ready.

Agility has helped thousands of businesses weather business interruptions during our 30 years and everyday helps organizations plan, prepare, respond, and recover from all types of business interruptions, including pandemics like COVID-19.

Our team of business continuity experts has created a tested and proven Pandemic Preparedness Package designed to help organizations adopt a quick, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective solution for pandemic resiliency.


  1. Communicate Your Plan, Protect Your People: Preparis alerting and messaging system to confirm your employees are safe and have access to mission-critical tools and equipment to serve your customers, share key updates and instructions, and enable a scalable check in/out process, all from one central platform.
  2. Train Your Team: Access to e-pandemic training for your entire organization to help protect your employees and help prevent the spread of virus in your organization through online education. Access to the system includes more than 20+ relevant topics throughout the entire year.
  3. Conduct Exercises, Improve Your Plan: Option to conduct a pandemic tabletop exercise – which is a virtual simulation of a pandemic led by one of our business continuity and disaster recovery experts – to identify potential gaps in your response plan.
  4. Shore Up Your Recovery Plan: Workplace equipment strategy, also to help with social spacing or distribution of work from home equipment. Common use cases for mobile recovery centers include developing an HR Command Center, creating equipment distribution facilities on regional sites, and building social spacing environments for your workforce.


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