Workplace Violence: Prevention & Response

Apr 29, 2020 11:00AM - 12:00PM MDT
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With a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important for organizations to stay focused on the safety of their people.

Increased instances of domestic violence, extra stress from an abnormal lifestyle, and increased financial pressures could contribute to a rise in impacts which we have yet to see unfold in the workplace. Do you have a plan to deal with these impacts? Have you communicated that plan with your workforce?

Watch for an educational webinar that will provide valuable insight on:

  • The changing landscape of workplace violence incidents
  • Workplace violence and the impact of COVID-19
  • Preparing for and responding to an active attacker
  • FAQs

Speaker: Bill Hildebrand, Retired Atlanta PD Detective from the Homeland Security / Intelligence Unit

On-Demand Webinar  |  Originally Recorded on April 29, 2020