Double the Power, Double the Protection: Agility Provides Redundancy for Backup Systems

Success Story
Oftentimes, having just one backup power option isn't enough.

After all, what happens if the backup goes down or needs unexpected maintenance? One Agility Recovery member didn't want to risk that happening.

The Challenge 

A pharmacy benefit management company planned to make repairs on and upgrades to its onsite generator but did not want to risk not having an operating backup generator in case of a power outage. 

The Solution 

Agility delivered a backup generator for the customer to keep onsite within less than three hours of calling. 


The company was grateful for the rapid delivery of a new generator. Agility’s operations team coordinated the delivery quickly during a time of crisis to provide necessary redundancy as the company performed essential repairs to their own generator. 

This customer’s experience shows the criticality of having a backup for your backup – and Agility Recovery can help.


Everything Ready Requires

Let Agility assess your needs and ensure delivery of power, fuel, testing, and electrical connection support when your business needs them most.