Empowering Healthcare: How ReadyTechGo Keeps a Staffing Agency Connected Through Power Outages

Success Story
Whether critical employees work onsite or remotely, they need a way to stay connected during power or cellular signal outages. See how Agility helped one organization solve for this challenge.

The Challenge 

As with many organizations, this healthcare staffing company is vulnerable to power outages, particularly as the business is located in a hurricane-prone area. However, it cannot afford to have its people offline and disconnected, so they looked for a solution they could have on hand at any time. 

The Solution

The staffing agency engaged Agility Recovery to find a way to keep people connected. Ultimately, they settled on our ReadyTechGo solution so their employees could have power and connection anywhere, anytime. 


With ReadyTechGo, the healthcare staffing organization was able to meet its SLA (service-level agreement). The staff have used ReadyTechGo devices during several outages, meaning they had no issues delivering upon promises to their own customers, and continue trusting Agility Recovery to keep them connected. 

For seamless power and connectivity, rely on ReadyTechGo delivered to your employees when they need it most.

Anywhere, Anytime Preparedness

ReadyTechGo is a compact and portable way to stay online and powered up wherever you need.