Exciting Changes at Agility: A Message from CEO, Mark San Fratello

Dec 6, 2023

Dear Agility Members, Partners, and Friends:

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to introduce myself as the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer at Agility Recovery and to address questions you may have regarding the recent investment in Agility by New State Capital Partners.

I am honored to join the exceptional team of business continuity professionals at Agility in my new role as CEO. With a career spanning over two decades in disaster response and business services, I understand the significance of the business continuity and recovery solutions that Agility provides, forming a crucial part of a comprehensive risk management strategy for your business.

Concurrently with my appointment, Agility has secured an investment from New State Capital Partners (NSC). This investment extends NSC's existing business continuity platform, AFIMAC Global Inc. (AFIMAC), a leader in staffing, emergency response, security, and various risk management and business continuity services for over 40 years. Going forward, Agility and AFIMAC will collaborate to offer an expanded range of services to our customers while enhancing our core service offerings at Agility.

I understand that news of this nature may raise questions, and I have provided answers to some fundamental questions you may have about the announcement:

What does this change mean for Agility Recovery?

Before this announcement, the service offering known as "Agility" included access to back-up power and fuel, temporary office space, network connectivity, and mission-critical back-up technology and equipment with the business continuity software platform, Preparis. With this change, Preparis is now operating independently, while the back-up power and fuel, office space technology, and data solutions will continue as Agility Recovery. This adjustment provides Preparis with a clearer path to the business continuity software market, while Agility is better positioned to focus on our core mission of mitigating the impact of business interruptions on the organizations and communities we serve.

How does this announcement affect Agility services?

There will be no interruption to Agility operations or service delivery. Agility members will receive the same world-class support Agility Recovery has provided since 1989. We remain steadfast in our dedication to helping businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from any kind of interruption.

What if I contracted for both Agility Recovery services and Preparis software?

Agility members who also subscribed to Preparis software can expect their Preparis account manager to facilitate a transfer of the software portion of their agreement to one specific to Preparis. Until this occurs, rest assured that service and support from both Agility and Preparis will remain the same.

With the investment by New State Capital and our focused core service offering, I am extremely excited about the future at Agility Recovery. Over the coming weeks and months, I plan to meet with Agility customers and partners to better understand how Agility Recovery can continue to improve and meet your business continuity needs.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

Thank you for your membership with Agility Recovery!

Mark San Fratello, Agility Recovery CEO
Mark San Fratello, Agility Recovery Chief Executive Officer


Mark San Fratello

CEO, Agility Recovery