Resilience Reinvented: How Agility Recovery Kept a Flooded Bank Branch Afloat and Thriving

Success Story
Communities rely on local bank and credit union branches to be open in times of disaster, especially to obtain cash when cellular networks are down and they're not able to use credit cards to purchase needed resources.

The Challenge 

A county bank branch that was slated for a remodel experienced burst pipes, resulting in flooding and a delay in the remodeling schedule. The branch was in the mountains, presenting challenges for the recovery and mobile recovery unit placement. 

The Solution: ReadyFinancial+

Agility Recovery mobile bank branch

After receiving a call from the member, Agility leapt into action to deliver a mobile recovery unit, restroom trailer, generator, and technology equipment. To navigate the recovery’s unique topography, Agility adjusted details like providing ADA switchback ramping for accessibility to the trailer. Two generators were delivered to provide redundancy. 


Agility Recovery mobile bank unit interior

The bank branch was back up and running within one week of the event with the mobile recovery unit, providing essential services to their customers.  

As the member began receiving time and cost estimates for repairs and remodeling, they realized they needed a long-term, more viable solution. Agility made it easy for this member to transition to a more permanent structure, increasing comfort for staff and customers alike. We worked with the bank to form a solution that would prevent any sinkage, since it was placed in a potentially sinkable area. We provided enough base for the new unit’s weight, and the general contractor worked with Agility to construct a wooden ramp to ensure ADA access. 

The unit remained onsite for a year, showcasing the versatility that Agility brings to the table to better serve our members and provide comfort in times of need. 

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