//Disaster Recovery Tip #41: How to Use Social Media During a Disaster

Disaster Recovery Tip #41: How to Use Social Media During a Disaster

This week’s historic flooding in South Carolina demonstrated the value of communication in times of unpredictable and fast moving weather.  With the use of online tools, such as social media, area residents were quickly informed of flood updates, office closures and relocations, and other important information.

If a similar disaster hit your organization this weekend, would you know how to use these channels to communicate similar updates with your customers and employees?

During a disaster, your employees and customers are looking to you for real-time information. Social Media can be a great tool, but requires a good strategy. Some topics to consider include:

  • Preparing social media outlets before a disaster
  • Establishing when and how to respond during an emergency situation
  • Steps to take after a crisis

Download Agility’s Social Media Checklist for simple steps to develop a rock-solid Social Media communication plan.

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