//Real Members. Real Recoveries. April 2017 Recovery Update.

The Agility Operations Team for the month of April responded to a combination of active weather situations and isolated events supporting power, connectivity & technology requirements. This translated into 15 alerts and 2 disaster declarations.

April Events – Here is a brief summary of the events that took place during April:

  • Weather Related Events:
    • 9 Alerts covering states of LA, OH, DE, GA, AL, NC, & CA
      • For connectivity, power and additional customer Alert requirements
      • Industries involved – insurance, IT, financial, consumer goods 
  • Isolated Events:
    • 6 Alerts coverings states of CA, NJ, MI, OR, & WA
      • For connectivity, power, planned recovery and additional customer Alert requirements
      • Industries involved – financial (credit union) and consumer packaging (manufacturing)
  • Declarations:
    • Insurance provider
      • Large insurance provider declared on laptops so their staff impacted by the recent long-term highway closure in Atlanta, GA could continue to be productive by working from home
    • Senior Living Care provider
      • Required a generator to be in place while their primary generator was being serviced – re-insurance!

On Going Declares – Agility is currently supporting ten other ongoing recoveries; they include:

  • Connectivity – for two healthcare providers (distributes chiropractic, physical therapy, rehabilitation, health, and wellness equipment and supplies)
  • Power – for an educational organization (testing assessment)
  • Space – for a tire distribution company, broadcaster, two financial institutions (banks), city government office and e-commerce company
  • Power, Space & Technology – for a city government office

 As always, we commend our recovery teams for their excellent work in diligently protecting the Agility Recovery promise!

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