//Real Members. Real Recoveries. February 2017 Recovery Update.

The Agility Operations Team witnessed an active February with 26 alerts and nine disaster declarations throughout the month, most of which were related to isolated events.

Here is a brief summary of the recoveries that took place during February.

Pharmaceutical Firm – Texas

This pharmaceutical firm faced a localized power outage affecting their building, caused by local utility work nearby. Because they were made aware of the situation in advance, the customer immediately contacted Agility to address the situation. During this anticipated power outage, Agility provided the customer with a generator to power their building and ensured their daily business operations continued.

Bank – California

Due to an asbestos issue in their current facility, this Agility customer contacted us to declare a disaster, and deploy a mobile bank branch. Agility provided the fully independent banking facility, which was on site in 48 hours and fully operational for staff 72 hours after the initial call. The customer expects remediation measures to take approximately 4 to 6 weeks, during which time their employees and customers have a safe and comfortable environment in which they can conduct normal business.

Government City Office – Vermont

This Government City Office experienced a fire at one of their facilities and contacted Agility to declare a disaster. Due the unexpected event, they faced an immediate need for office space to support five critical staff operating out of this location as well as additional storage space. Agility was able to provide the customer with an HQ mobile unit to support the staff as well as a mobile storage unit to meet their storage requirements.

Financial Firm – California

A financial firm customer of Agility called to declare a disaster due to an unexpected weather-related power outage. Agility quickly responded to support the customer’s needs for power to their UPS systems.

Legal Firm – Texas

This legal firm in Texas contacted Agility to declare a disaster due to a sudden Internet interruption. Agility immediately provided the customer with an LTE/Router solution to provide the connectivity required to satisfy their needs.

Collections Firm – Georgia

A Collections Firm customer of Agility called in to notify us they had experienced an HVAC failure in their data center. They had serious concerns that they may be forced to power down the existing equipment located at this site due to the overheating issue. The customer contacted Agility to help resolve this situation, and we were able to leverage our vendor network to provide three separate one ton spot coolers. Without the supplementary cooling units, the HVAC issue could have caused substantial equipment damage and/or failure. Due to an upcoming move to a new data center, the customer will continue using the units for the next 30 days.

Logistics Firm – Illinois

This Agility customer declared a disaster as their new business offices did not have Internet access installed in time for their move-in date. Fortunately, Agility provided an LTE/Router solution for the customer and had the capability delivered the next day. The customer self-installed the device, providing Internet access at their new facility, and continued to use the capability until their permanent Internet access was implemented.

Bank – New York

A bank customer in New York contacted Agility to request an alternate Voice Redirection solution due to an impending winter storm. The Bank required an engineered solution in order to provide updates and information to their employees and other stakeholders. Agility setup the call redirection within one hour for the customer, using it for two days during the severe winter storm.

Bank – Tennessee

In yet another instance where an Agility customer was without Internet access at a new location, this customer was left with few options that could be deployed in time for their corresponding move-in date. Agility was able to provide an LTE/Router solution the next day to provide quick Internet access and bridge the gap until the permanent service was implemented.

Agility Recovery is also currently supporting eight other ongoing recoveries, including: 

  • Four for mobile recovery (ranging from five months to three years)
  • Two for networking
  • One for technology
  • One for washroom facilities

As always, we commend our recovery teams for their excellent work in diligently protecting the Agility Recovery promise!

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