//Real Members. Real Recoveries. November 2016 Recovery Update

November was a calmer month. Agility’s Member Services and Operations Teams supported a total of three disaster declarations and 10 customer alerts.

Here is a brief summary:

Financial Institution in British Columbia: This financial institution declared a mock disaster involving a simulated failure of their facility due to an earthquake.  Agility responded immediately, as it would in any disaster situation, and worked with the customer to determine exactly what would be deployed and all the necessary steps that would occur if this was a true disaster.

Retailer in Washington: This retail customer declared a disaster to support a need for additional restroom facilities at two of their locations due to seasonal holiday staff being added for the next six weeks. Agility was able to deliver 10 washroom stall facilities to both locations to meet the seasonal staff needs.

Agility is also currently supporting five other ongoing recoveries:

  • Four for mobile recovery (ranging from three months to three years)
  • One for networking
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