//Real Members. Real Recoveries. October 2016 Recovery Update.

October was an extremely busy month with Hurricane Matthew causing extreme flooding and widespread power outages throughout the southeastern portion of the United States. Agility’s Member Services and Operations Teams supported a total of 36 disaster declarations and over 200 customer alerts.

Here is a brief summary:

Hurricane Matthew: Agility supported 28 customer declares due to Hurricane Matthew for members located in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. All but two of the declarations were due to power. The remaining two declares were due to an Internet communications failure. Agility had generators up to 2 Megs on standby, as well as fuel readily available to those that were in need during the event. To aid in recovering communications, Agility also delivered Cradlepoint/LTE solutions to several customers who experienced Internet outages. Throughout the event, Agility is proud that while responding to our members we were not forced to interrupt or reschedule any existing customer testing activity.

Windstorm in the Northwest: After severe weather in the northwest, seven members contacted Agility to declare disasters. Agility deployed standby generators, including 1 Meg units, for the six customers who experienced power failures and delivered a Cradlepoint/LTE solution for the one customer who suffered an Internet outage.

Real Estate Firm in New Jersey: This real estate firm declared a mock disaster, involving a simulated failure of their server technology. Agility responded immediately, as it would in any disaster situation, and was able to deploy the large quantity of servers the customer required.

Financial Institution: This customer suffered a power loss causing issues with their phone PBX. They were told repairs would require several days, so Agility implemented a voice redirection solution for three lines, allowing their organization to restore operations within a couple of hours.

Agility is also currently supporting 11 other ongoing recoveries:

  • Eight for mobile recovery (ranging from one month to three years)
  • Two for technology server recovery
  • One for power
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